David Clark Thompson for ND Attorney General

for North Dakota Attorney General


David Clark Thompson's Mission

My decision to run for the office of North Dakota Attorney General in 2018 derives principally from what can only be accurately described as corruption within the North Dakota Industrial Commission – the most powerful agency of our state government which regulates the entire oil and gas industry here. There are three members of the Industrial Commission – the Attorney General, the Agriculture Commissioner, and the Governor.

In an investigative project, which I co-authored with Fargo lawyer Erik Escarramán back in 2012, it was documented that Industrial Commission members had accepted campaign contributions from oil and gas industry interests. After having accepted these funds, these Industrial Commission members voted as administrative law judges to approve the contributors’ projects. Mr. Escarraman and I stated at the time that these practices violated North Dakota’s Class C Felony Bribery statute. In response, the Industrial Commission held back the minutes of its meetings from publication for the entire biennium of 2013-2015, according to a report of the North Dakota State Auditor. And in April of this year, it was revealed by the Bismarck Tribune that the Industrial Commission had not published the minutes of its meetings since July of 2017. Over the past several years, a flood of money from oil and gas industry interests has pervasively made its way into our political system – seriously corrupting it. The New York Times addressed the corrosive effects of this oil and gas money influence in an investigative series by Pulitzer Prize winner Deborah Sontag. Addressing this issue will be a monumental challenge, but if elected by the people of North Dakota to be their Attorney General, I will face this crisis as my top priority.

David Clark Thompson for ND Attorney General

About David Clark Thompson

David Clark Thompson is a 1982 graduate of the University of North Dakota School of Law, first working after his graduation from law school on the North Dakota Legislative Assembly’s legal staff. Since 1984, David has been engaged in private practice with law firms based in both Fargo and Grand Forks.

Throughout these 34 years, the principal focus of David’s practice has been in the representation of North Dakota workers and their families who have suffered from diseases caused by asbestos and other toxic dust and chemical exposures. In successfully seeking civil justice for these victims against teams of lawyers representing large corporations with unlimited resources, David has appeared in state and federal courts in the States of North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, and Florida. Work in this legal field has been difficult and demanding, but David has derived great personal satisfaction in obtaining justice for his clients. David also has made a major commitment to pro bono representation of clients in poverty.

David served for a decade as an appointee of the Mayor on the Grand Forks City Historical Preservation Commission, and currently serves as the Vice-Chair of North Dakota non-profit corporation Third Street Clinic, and as a board member of the Grand Forks Downtown Development Association.

David has been married to his wife Lynne for the past twenty years, and has three children, Charlotte Smith of Minneapolis, Lisa Schroeder of Fargo, and Danielle Thompson of Bismarck, as well as six grandchildren.

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